The Achievers

Adam Sweet

Barney Porter


Blue Street


Bob Smith

Buzzin’ Hornets

Chicago Bytes

Cool Hand

Coyote Blue

D. B. Smith Band

Damon T

Dudlow Joe

Dusk Brothers

Elles Bailey Band

Greg Brice

Gordon Wood

Guy Tortora and Janos Bajtala

The Hard Chargers 

Hip Route


Hot Tin Roofs

The Hush

Innes Sibun Band

Jelly Roll Brothers

Julie Richards Duo

Lee McCrory And Friends

Lewis Creaven Band

Liam Ward

The Lizzy Legacy

Luke Doherty Band 

Luke Philbrick


Mark Cole

Max and Veronica


New Voyage

Nice and Sleazy

No Parkin Blues Band

OCD Band

Oil Slick Fire

Oliver Darling And Dirty Robbers

Patrick Nehoda

Patsy Gamble

Pistol Pete Wearn

Reverend Ferriday

Reverend Robert

Ruzz’s Guitars Blues Revue

Sam Powell Blues Band

Sons Of The Delta

The SpikeDrivers 

Steve Browning Band

Storm Warning

Swamp Stomp String Band

Swamp Candy

Tone Tanner

Trevor Steger

Troy Redfern 

Vincent Flatts Lawless